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Your last year of high school is a truly eventful time and with so many things going on, the best time to book your Senior Portraits is on the Spring of your Junior Year.

We need time to plan the perfect location, outfits and mood. We are not doing a cookie cuter shoot, like the one your high school probably wants you to do.  

Let's make your session unique, fun and a true reflection of who you are. I will work with you on planning an epic day for you. I will capture images that will truly reflect your personality, your passions, your dreams. It will be a day to remember for the rest of your life.

I know the perfect locations around Los Angeles. Beaches, trails, urban locations, best graffiti walls, you name it !  

Do you want to share the experience with your BFF / Boyfriend / Girlfriend and make it even more meaningful?

Why not ... Check the "Share the love" package.


Is this an investment? Yes, but so worth it !

Your kids have grown and are at the most pivotal and amazing time of their lives. You are watching them become adults and very likely in one year, they will be out of your home and far away in college. The reality is that most likely you will not have new portraits of your daughter or son until they get married... Talk about reality check.

Believe me, you will be happy you got to preserve this moment forever.

Contact Mily Cooper Photography for an epic session ! We will help you find the perfect location, outfits and mood for your session.

Mily Cooper Photography's Senior sessions are fun and spontaneous. My goal is to incorporate your ideas, so that we capture images that will truly reflect your personality, your passions, your dreams.

Los Angeles is among the top Destination for Senior Pictures for kids in the US. This year we are having many Seniors from all around the country, so exciting !

If you’re planning a trip to the Los Angeles area to shoot your pics, contact us asap to plan your session. I recommend to schedule your session after you’ve been here for 2 or 3 days at leas, to avoid jet lag. 

Venice is pretty awesome, with little canals and beautiful architecture, definitely one of my favorite locations for your Senior Portrait Session with Mily Cooper Photography.

I love to shoot in the rural areas of Calabasas, Agoura Hills, Westlake Village and Thousand Oaks... There are so many gorgeous trails which change with every season and are also pretty close to the beach.

Melrose Ave is an awesome place to shoot. There are so many funky boutiques, restaurants and lots of street art. 

Orcutt Ranch in West Hills, is pretty awesome as well.... Spanish house, orange grove, gazebo, barn, rose gardens, bamboo ... lots of amazing backdrops for your special session <3

Hollywood streets with beautiful mid century architecture all around !

Beverly Hills is amazing for portraits as well, with it's beautiful streets lined with palms and it's long gardens with ficus trees.... quintessential LA. 

If you like the urban scene, we can definitely talk about some super funky and cool neighborhoods or visit an area with graffiti — there are so many in Los Angeles and the walls are always changing so you’re pretty much guaranteed to have a unique backdrop for your senior portraits.

The beaches never get old... they are gorgeous here in Los Angeles !!!

Los Angeles Art District is awesome.... the street art is incredible, totally love this vibe !

Mily Cooper Photography - Woodland Hills Best High School Senior Portraits Photographer

Mily Cooper Photography - Top High School Senior Portraits in Los Angeles AND Ventura Counties

I love shooting editorial style senior pictures because it allows me to go beyond taking a portrait and gives me the chance to tell your story and the different sides to your personality, passions and dreams.

Mily Cooper Photography - Best High School Senior Portraits in Los Angeles AND Ventura Counties.